Basic HTML: Part- 06 :: What is HTML Paragraph


What is HTML Paragraph:

The paragraph is a tag between HTML tags, but this is a very important tag called HTML. Lines of text separated by paragraph tags. The paragraph tag starts with <p> and ends with </p>.


The image below is described with:

Paste the following code into notepad ++:
<title> This is Site Title </title>
<p> My feelings for you only grow more each day. My love for you never stops and my determination to make you happy is stronger than ever. I love you, my sweet princess, forever and always.
<p> Today is a new day that I get to wake up with you in my arms. For that, I am true, undoubtedly grateful. You mean more to me than anything else in the entire universe. I would lasso the moon if I knew it would bring that sweet smile onto your beautiful face. I would cross the country just to see those wonderful pearly whites. You mean everything to me.



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