Basic HTML: Part- 07 :: What are HTML Heading Tag

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What is HTML Heading Tag :

Heading tag is 6 kind of such as <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, and <h6>, the largest of these is <h1> and the smallest is <h6> that means bigger to smaller than So let's try the following:

Paste the following code into the Notepad ++ as before,

 <title> This is Site Title </title>
 <h1> This is heading 1 <h2/>
 <h2> This is heading 2 <h2/>
 <h3> This is heading 3 <h3/>
 <h4> This is heading 4 <h4/>
<h5> This is heading 5 <h5/>
 <h6> This is heading 3 <h6/>
Now save the file named new.html as before and open it then the browser will look like the following:

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