Basic HTML: Part- 08 :: What is HTML text formatting

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What is HTML text formatting:

Text formatting is: If you put a text or text in bold or bold, Italian and underlined text in Microsoft Word, then text formatting. Likewise, the articles are sorted in the same way on the website.

And these formatting on the web is to be organized by tag. HTML tags are provided in 3rd edition. Here, <b> <b />, <i> <i /> and <u> <u /> tags are text formatting tags. So let's try them out.

Paste the following code into notepad ++:

 <title> This is Site Title </title>
 <b> This is Italic <b/> <br/>
 <i> This is Bold <i/> <br/>
 <u> This is underline <u/> <br/>
Now save the file named new.html as before and open it then the browser will look like the following:

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