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Turn off the USB port on your computer in a simple way. That means your computer’s Pen drive & others USB enabled device will not show up!First, right click on the mouse button on the My Computer in the Desktop. Click Manage,      Then click on “Device Manager” and click “Run” from Universal Serial Bus controllers to the…


There are some way if you follow then you can make your computer faster: Use antivirus software: Avast Antivirus is one of the best among free antivirus software. It is a new version and a virus update auto update. Use the Safe Browsing tool in the browser: Extension to the browser to be free from…


Hi, everybody, this is my first blog post for my brand new website. I hope, I will try to deliver some good and important post which will be helpful for your work and daily life. Let’s see what can I do for you guys from my short experience. Stay close. Thank you.