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July 17, 2017

Secure your PC’s Security

Initially, viruses are actually meant to harm computer programs that are harmful to computers. But the virus is actually a member of the malware. There are several types of malware, among which is called Virus. The rest are harmful in many ways. But people are called viruses in general senses. Let us know what is

July 16, 2017

Turn off the USB port in a simple way

Turn off the USB port on your computer in a simple way. That means your computer’s Pen drive & others USB enabled device will not show up!First, right click on the mouse button on the My Computer in the Desktop. Click Manage,      Then click on “Device Manager” and click “Run” from Universal Serial Bus controllers to the

July 16, 2017

Change anyone’s PC’s Administrator Password Easily

Yes, my friends, you can change anyone’s like your friend’s computer administrator password even if you do not know what is his computer’s old password. Actually, this steps will help for those who already forgot their own PC’s administrator password. For complete this task you have to follow below steps: First Open run command and

July 10, 2017

Increase traffic to your blog 3 useful way

Everyone wants to get more visitor to their favorite site to get good ranking in Google. For many of us, we do not know how to use correct method to do it. Today I will try to show you how to increase traffic system on the site some easy way.1. Create a Facebook fan page:Currently, there are

July 10, 2017

Speed up Wi-Fi four easy ways

There is no internet speed or very slow internet connection. However, this problem can easily get rid of this way. Without spending any money $$. Let’s find out today that there are a few easy ways to speed up Wi-Fi at home or office network: 1. Router location changes: The easiest way to speed up

July 9, 2017

What need to know before buying a new PC?

When buying a computer, firstly look for a few things: 1. The shop where the buyer buys the customer’s customer service. In this case, contacts can help.2. There is much open hardware available in the market. Never buy them.3. If you are not a computer expert, then at least buy Processor, Mainboard, RAM, HDD, ODD, Graphics

July 9, 2017

Make your Computer faster than ever

There are some way if you follow then you can make your computer faster: Use antivirus software: Avast Antivirus is one of the best among free antivirus software. It is a new version and a virus update auto update. Use the Safe Browsing tool in the browser: Extension to the browser to be free from

July 9, 2017

Make 1 GB file less than 10 MB

We will show how to compress a lot of big files become a small file. First, download this small application by clicking here, Once the download was done, please install the software. Opened by double-clicking on it desktop icon Select the location of the file that you want to compress. Click “Compress files” and click “Next”